Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Growing like a weed!

We went to see our Madi on Sunday afternoon -- we think she is tons cuter than the Gerber baby! She is growing some hair -- red, of course! And as you can tell by the pics below -- she is probably growing some teeth! She couldn't keep her fingers out of her mouth and there was major drooling action! As my mom says, it will be time for the "spoon test" soon! If you don't know what that is, you put a spoon in their mouth and listen for the tapping of tiny, new teeth!

Super Silly Sea World!

On Saturday, Miranda, Jared & I went to Sea World with my sister and her family. The last time I went to Sea World was with Miranda on a 5th grade field trip. It was hot, crowded and we didn't get to do too much. Jared hadn't been to Sea World since he was a toddler and we went with the Thomas family when they were visiting us from Utah -- so he didn't remember anything about it.
On Saturday, the weather was perfect -- no sweating, which is a miracle for Florida :) -- no lines, and TONS of laughing! The Shamu show was spectacular, the seals were a crack up, and we laughed our way through the day! If you come to visit in Florida, a trip to Sea World is definitely worth it! This is a pic of Jared & Caleb climbing on a HUGE net/playground they have at Sea World -- it is a crazy contraption! Chase, Caleb, Miranda, Jared & Savanah! Jared shows off the only Liberty Spike hairdo he is allowed to have! Miranda and her cousin, Savannah, try out the hats! Miranda on the Happy Harbour slide!