Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis!

We got together yesterday to celebrate Travis' birthday -- I can't believe my first born is 19 years old! One of my favorite things to do on my children's birthday is look back at pics through the years. I love to see how sweet and adorable they are when they are little! Here is a picture of Lon -- WOW! What a youngster Lon is! :) -- and Travis on Easter 1992. Isn't Travis just so dapper in his bowtie and suspenders! We love you, Travis!
Celebrating bro' to bro'!
Madi came to wish her Daddy a happy birthday! Isn't she a cutie!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meeting David Archuleta!!!

What a surprise from the church pulpit on Sunday when one of the counselor's announced that David Archuleta would be hosting a special stake youth fireside that evening. There were quite a few stunned looks on the faces of many girls as they tried to figure out if someone would joke from the podium :) -- and no, it wasn't a trick to keep them from watching the Super Bowl! Apparently, someone in our stake has connections with the Archuleta family and DAVID was here for some local radio promotions. The youth were told this was a missionary opportunity and to invite their friends. After church, Miranda and Justin both invited friends (who were not quite sure it was real also!) to come with them. The fireside started at 6:30 p.m. but Miranda and her friends were determined to get the best seats in the house so I dropped them off at 5:00 p.m.! They got seats in the 2nd row with a straight shot view of the podium!

The report I got from the kids was he sang two songs (amazing voice, they commented) and then answered questions that the youth in attendance had put on index cards. From what I heard and saw, he was a real "down to earth" guy! He spent a lot of time with the youth in the gym talking, taking pics and signing everything from casts to pictures to clothing!

Before the fireside started, Miranda and her friends found DAVID's reserved parking spot. Not knowing how "up close and personal" they were going to be able to get (who knew he would spend a couple hours signing autographs and taking pictures), Miranda decided that a picture with his reserved spot might be the closest she would get! Little did she know . . . .

Miranda likes to call this pic "DAVID and Goliath" --sshhh, it's Ben!
Josh, Klinton and Joey served as "church bouncers" (we call them ushers!) and posed for an official bodyguard photo!
Jennifer, Miranda, Lisa, DAVID, & Heather are all smiles!
Miranda and DAVID!
I told Miranda she should wear a T-shirt that said "The Future Sister Archuleta" -- of course, not appropriate for church, but I though it was funny (she thought I was a nerd!)
Justin and DAVID!
Jared & DAVID! Even Moms are entitled to a celebrity photo op! I didn't go to the fireside because my parents were coming over to eat and watch the Super Bowl (Go Steelers!) so when Justin called to say they were ready to be picked up, I put on my houseshoes and went up to the church (we only live about 1.5 miles away). When the kids weren't outside, I put on a pair of Miranda's friends flipflops that she left in the car (Thanks, Heather!) and went in to the gym. I wasn't expecting to still find DAVID and adoring fans in the gym, so I hopped in line for my own photo!